3 Best Ways of Optimising Your Training.


It’s no surprise that the percentage of people doing CrossFit is rising daily. The results speak for themselves, not to mention the support and camaraderie experienced at almost every Box… but we know that most of you are always looking for more. So as a little present to you, here are the three biggest success factors in training (although applying these to life in general may also yield great results!).

Dedication: Also known as commitment, enthusiasm and zeal. Dedication requires a mind focussed on the task at hand, this leads to a disciplined mind and body, but let’s not forget that this focus is based on the ‘enthusiasm’ and ‘zeal’ we have for our training (and the beastly results in our bodies). The more dedicated we are in our training time, making sure to schedule and practice stretching and recovery before and after workouts, and ensuring to eat a good diet with the required vitamins and essential supplements, the better our training, minds and bodies will become. Bonus Point: Dedication has been known to be a mood booster as well!

Have a Plan: The easiest way to build ‘enthusiasm’ and ‘zeal’ for your training is to have a plan. Psychologically,human beings are proven to become more motivated when they have a plan. Setting goals and marking achievements helps us to have something to work towards and reminds us to celebrate achievements along the way. Think through what you would like to achieve in your training and make your coaches aware of these objectives so that you can work together towards achieving themand actualising your plans.

Leave Your Ego at the Door: You might be big and burly and/or smoking hot but the problem with an inflated ego is that it almost always hinders progress. Those who believe they don’t need to listen can never learn and will never grow. Self confidence is wonderful and often warranted, but add some humility and an openness to learning and you truly can become that Superhero. Remember that many CrossFit movements are technical, and require a lot more than strength. Good coaches can help you teach your body patterning for these movements, while developing the strength to do them safely.

By CrossFit 360Vida, Fourways