Dynamite Comes In Small Packages.


Nthabiseng Masunyane is a dedicated CrossFit 360Vida member. She consistently proves that dynamite really does come in small packages – with determination and devotion she demolishes WODs and goals weekly.

Here’s a little insight into her CrossFit journey…

Where did you hear about CrossFit?

Funny enough, no one has ever asked me this question before. I'm glad I have this opportunity to ask myself. I heard it from a hiking buddy. It was in 2015 when I was preparing to hike Kilimanjaro and I was telling them how frustrated I am because I had no idea what to do at the gym. He told me about a girl he met who was super fit. He said the girl was making him do 10min workouts that were hectic. I mean, how can a 10min workout be hectic?

I was sold at that point. So, I got more information, enquiring what the girl was doing to get fit, where the “gym” is located and so on. Luckily my friend knew of a similar place – CrossFit 360Vida. Talk about love at first sight! I actually noticed this building the first time I went to Virgin Active. I thought it was some private institution. It was intimidating. I was glad when a friend said she would go to the “gym” to get us more information. She got the info, I went for the intro class and... the rest is history.

What keeps you coming back for more?

This is the first year where I've been consistent. It hasn't been easy. I love the hectic workouts (let's rather call them challenging workouts). It is hard being in a group of people when you've been avoiding being around people from a very young age. It was hard to adjust. So I have been able to go for more. Only now did I make peace with it and tell myself it's okay; people won't eat me. Besides, CrossFit was part of my life the moment I walked through the CrossFit 360Vida doors.

Another reason I'm still part of this world is because it's not boring. It's challenging, mentally and physically. I mean, I literally replaced skydiving and bungee jumping with CrossFit.

Do you compete and, if so, what gave you the courage to try?

I love challenges, if you haven't picked that up yet, it's one of the reasons I love CrossFit. Even though I love challenges, I would have never been part of anything competitive. When one of my coaches told me I should compete, it scared me but I took it as a challenge. I have to say though, it took several post WOD chats with my coach before I agreed. This was needed because I was afraid of the unknown.

I started competing and I've never looked back - thanks to all the team mates who've always asked me to join their teams. This has all given me a chance to get to know some people at the Box, in a less intimidating, more one-on-one environment. So, I get to know three 360Vida Cross Fitters (my teammates) a bit more every year :)

What benefits have you experienced after joining CrossFit 360Vida?

Lower body fat, greater muscle definition and character. I know more about food; what to eat and what to avoid, how much to eat and when. Some will probably say; "Oh but that's common sense!" - but it wasn't to me. I'm saying character because I'm learning so many things, especially things I wasn't uncomfortable with. In the meantime I'm learning to be patient with myself. To appreciate achievements and to work on the weaknesses. Yes, all of this I've learnt at the Box.

What would you say to new members/people considering CrossFit?

To most people, the CrossFit environment is intimidating. There is nothing like it. The trick is to have a reason for joining the Box. If you feel like quitting, then think about why you jointed in the first place. Yes your body get sore at first, but it gets better in time. Only if you don't stop just because you have sore muscles. Even in winter?!? Absolutely, especially in winter. You will love yourself in summer trust me!

Don’t be intimidated by the groups that have already formed at the Box. We were all in your situation once upon a time. It takes time, but you will be just fine. It’s a community. If you feel like quitting, talk to your coach (I did! And thanks to her I'm still here).

By CrossFit 360Vida