An Uncomfortable Truth

An Uncomforable Truth

Foreword: This is not my usual laugh a minute blog, I hereby introduce you to the real talking Barbie, strap yourself in.

A little perspective has been granted to me lately, and it is the importance of and value in getting uncomfortable. We all know the saying “Everything you want is outside of your comfort zone”, this does not even come close to scratching the surface. The truth nobody tells you is that you had better be prepared to working farking hard to get to where you want to be. Many a man was made along the road to glory, because there is no place for p*ssies. Yes I just said that. Truth here is, we never really know what getting uncomfortable is. We never actually analyse this, and see it for what it is. We never fully claim this feeling. We allow ourselves to feel that our possibly slightly higher than average efforts are acceptable. We never fully face up to the fact that getting truly blindly uncomfortable is the only way to feed on what you crave.

Anyone can commit to something they are good at. We can all have a half arsed prounce around. However, it takes gonads the size of Kenya to work at something you completely suck at. It takes the courage of the Gladiators to keep going and chipping away at something you feel like you are crazy to even attempt. Sometimes you need to grit your teeth, accept the bruises and try the obstacle again. Sometimes you need to take on a WOD that pushes you beyond your limits; and sometimes you need to not care that your pants are falling while doing burpess. You need to get uncomfortable. You need to see where the boundary is and hurdle over it. No one is going to do this for you.

I started my “journey” 3 years ago. I was a woman who both embraced and feared the world, and I think this is what fuels me now. I lived an entirely different life, and if I really am honest I will admit that it was an unhappy one. Fortunately, I embraced discomfort. I don’t know what changed or how it did, but something shifted radically. I remember weighing 130 odd Kilograms and being able to do a grand total of 3 push-ups, about 15 not even quarter squats and exactly 2 burpees. That was the sum total of my workout and it was harder than life.

Today I did 100 Crossfit Burpees for time. Frankly, the final 20 were possibly as hard as those first two, but I got uncomfortable. I had support from incredible people in my Box who did them with me, and pushed me through them, eyeball to eyeball, waiting for me, literally got down and dirty with me, counting me down. (Sidenote: That alone was so far out of my comfort zone. I don’t accept help, ever. This is something that I have worked on consistently through OCR, accepting help and motivation does not come naturally. I must just tell you, I am in awe of and humbled by this experience.) The reality is; I stopped giving a shit that my pants weren’t staying up, and that my tummy may have been on show, stopped caring that I could barely breathe, stopped caring that I wasn’t enough of an “athlete” to smash them out at a rate of knots, because my goal of completing 100 burpees in 20 minutes was bigger than being a princess (for a change). Think that was uncomfortable? You had better believe it.

Shit man, I think of how often I go onto an Obstacle Course with people wondering what the actual F I am doing, I take great pride in defying these expectations. This girl and her over 100kg frame can smash the fuck out of a set of monkey bars amongst other things, but that’s my favourite. True story, all because I dared to let go. I trained for it, worked consistently on my upper body and one day I just took a leap of faith. I allowed myself to push further than the mind can fathom going. Therein lies the secret. That moment of discomfort paves the way for everything you require in order to reach your goals. I assure you, nothing worth savouring comes from half arsed attempts at anything.

I actually honestly get emotional when I think back to where I started, and how far I have come. I’m going to try and not get sentimental here, but something else to note has been that the first 30kg’s that I lost came easily, really easily. Everything since then has been blood, sweat, and F-Bombs. It’s been a series of stumbles and plateaus and mind benders, but today I stand here beyond proud of the woman I am. I still have some room for improvement in the consistency department, maybe my Peanut Butter addiction needs some harnessing, and I still have a shit ton more weight to lose, but all in all, I am stronger emotionally, mentally and (it goes without saying) physically than I have been in my entire life. My determination is only matched by my willingness to throw myself into finding where my limit is, my willingness to get uncomfortable.

I urge you to find whatever it is that makes you cringe and die inside, and give it two middle fingers. Wonder out of the safety of your Zumba class and see what was so intimidating about the free weights section. Quit calling a frikken chocolate a cheat, having a full on binge as result and bitch about falling off the wagon by seeing what IIFYM is about, follow the 80/20 or 90/10 principle and live a little. Find something that challenges your limits and expectations of life!  Be stronger, stay focused, break your boundaries, give your everything your everything – get uncomfortable. You are a culmination of all your efforts before your here and now, make sure one day you can stand back and see nothing but badassery!

By “Action Barbie” Michelle Pearl, member at CrossFit 360Vida

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