CrossFit Community

What does CrossFit Community mean to you?

So the word community is described as 'a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common’. Frequently we hear the word community spoken within our boxes, on our chat groups and on social media.

Why do we refer to ourselves as a community? Over the last few years, while training with various ‘characters’ within our Box, I have come to understand why the CrossFit fraternity refers to itself as a Community. Even more recently it has become more apparent to me personally. 

When you first join a box you feel out of place. You see the guys who have been doing CrossFit for years pushing unbelievable weights, the social groups talking about the day at work or family. It is natural to feel like the ugly duckling; completely out of place!

One of the most important rules of any box is to go and introduce yourself to any new person in the class. This is a non-negotiable! This is your first introduction to a world of varying characters that have a common interest and that soon become your community.

Whenever you complete a WOD, participate in a lifting session or just do something you thought was physically impossible, there will be someone there with the congratulatory high five or fist bump. When you are slogging it out in a WOD there is someone screaming your name to carry on. The box rules are simple… no one packs their equipment away until everyone has completed the WOD or the time runs out.

Over time, these characters become more than just your mates at the gym, they become part of your life. They become friends, part of your family or even trusted confidants. They are no longer just there to celebrate the PBs or WOD completion, they start to celebrate birthdays, births of family members, and impromptu get togethers. More importantly when times are tough, it’s the simple message offering support, the handshake or bro hug to let you know they care. 

Over my two years I have made many new friends at our Box, people I am proud to call my extended family, people I would go to battle with or for. I have shared many experiences with this community and look forward to many more.

Do we all share a common interest? Yes. 

Are we a community? Yes! 

Are we a family? I believe so...

Written by: 360Vida’s Resident Caveman, Jason Fraser.