CrossFit as a Supplement to Other Sport

How CrossFit Can Supplement Other Sport

While some consider CrossFit their main competitive sport, many sportsmen and women do CrossFit to improve their performance at their sport. Many a coach would consider this a controversial statement, arguing that the generalist approach of CrossFit programming does not allow for the specific skills and requirements particular to a sport.

How Does It Work?

It doesn’t matter if you are a pro athlete or a pleb who just enjoys building up a sweat and working out with mates; through CrossFit, you will grow mentally and physically, you will get stronger, you will be leaner, and you will have loads of fun doing it. Fun is important! Pro sportsmen and women often have strict training programs and it’s definitely a benefit for them to breathe some new life into their daily training routine.

If a sportsperson is lacking in a particular area, it would be important to identify the lagging skill or ability and adjust their CrossFit programming to highlight and work on these deficiencies.

Don’t Overdo It!

Having said this, it would be essential for the CrossFit coach to work closely with the sportsperson's coach, to ensure proper recovery between sessions. By nature of the high intensity, technical workouts, CrossFit has an intense impact on the central nervous system. As a result, athletes require sufficient rest and refuelling between sessions to avoid burnout. 

CrossFit For Canoeists

Mark Cawood, a 360Vida member, uses CrossFit to benefit his paddling. He shared the following insights with us after his latest trip…

“I have been travelling a lot with our Africa expansion programme. I have certainly been missing the intensity of CrossFit. I have been going to regular gym while still doing some of the CrossFit exercises such as pull ups, thrusters and even those things where you go down on one leg like a stalk.

My running and canoeing is being maintained and the amazing thing is that, due to all the stretching at CrossFit I can now run comfortably without knee pain; whereas, before, I could not run a kilometre, I’m now running 10 kilometres every weekend!”

Written by Diane Teles, Co-founder, Coach, Physiotherapist at CrossFit 360Vida. Excerpts from Mark Cawood’s letter.