CrossFit Nutrition


In May we dared our members and the general public to take on a Lifestyle Challenge, with a focus on improving general health and body composition (focussing on fat and muscle percentages, rather than weight in kilograms); the results were impressive. We promoted a healthier way of life, including limiting alcohol intake, ensuring a minimum of eight hours sleep per night, driving a minimum of three training sessions a week and managing diet through the application of the ‘Zone’ diet.


·         Balanced amounts of Protein, Good Carbs (from leafy green vegetables) and Good Fats at all Meals

·         Three main meals and two snack meals per day

·         No sugar or Sweetener

·         Eat Real Food - Nothing Processed, Only Natural Ingredients


Judy lost:

1cm around her hips, 5cm around her waist and 3cm around her thighs

*Weight and body fat percentage still to be measured

Judy joined the Challenge as she has been struggling with losing belly fat and had a desire to feel ‘less chunky’. At first she struggled with weighing her meals and the amount of vegetables required on the plan, being a lot more than what she was used to. With an understanding that it is important to eat the right amount of vegetables to get the macro-nutrients her body needs, she persisted and as the weeks progressed, it became much easier. Judy is keen to do another challenge in the future, having felt huge changes in the first month already; in body confidence and in athletic performance.

“I have finallydropped centimetres on my waistline.  My trousers are much looser around my waist and I have reached the last button hole on my belt.  I just generally feel more comfortable in the tummy area, which is great!” Judy certainly achieved her goal of feeling ‘less chunky’.


Samantha Lost:

5kg, 4% body fat, 6cm around her hips, 6cm around her waist and 2cm around her thighs

Samantha joined the Challenge as her boyfriend, a 360Vida member, was interested in taking part. Initially, she joined to support him and to focus on her health, which she felt she had been neglecting. Sam echoed Judy’s woes at first, struggling with food prep and cooking in advance. Looking back, however, she attributes her success to planning ahead, packing portions in advance and leaving no room to wonder about what they were going to eat. Although Sam does not do CrossFit, she enjoyed the camaraderie in the 360Vida Box. “The team energy is phenomenal and a sense of support can be felt immediately.”

Although she may not participate in another Challenge in the future, Sam believes that she is motivated enough from the benefits of the challenge to continue following the principles indefinitely, having improved their daily lifestyle. Sam’s greatest achievement in the Challenge was overcoming the use of alcohol as a stress reliever and social crutch. “I believe this was my biggest weakness and I was forced to overcome it in order to keep up my energy levels and maintain weight loss.”


Taking on a Lifestyle Challenge is not hard. Giving up heroin is hard. Beating cancer is hard. Drinking your coffee black. Is. Not. Hard. This is the only physical body you will ever have in this lifetime – do what is within your power to make it the healthiest body possible.

The next Lifestyle Challenge will run in July 2015 – Contact me for more Information;

Written by: William Schutte, Co-Founder of CrossFit 360 Vida, Coach