How CrossFit Changed My Life In One Year

How CrossFit Changed My Life In Just One Year

If you think CrossFit is not for you, you need to go to the closest CrossFit Gym (better known as a Box) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Why? Because CrossFit is for anyone and everyone.  Whether you are a regular ‘gym’ goer or a regular couch potato, the CrossFit community can’t wait for you to join it.

I finished school in 2005 and, after starving myself to look good in a matric farewell dress, I rode the “weight seesaw” for the next seven years – gain 15 kilograms, lose 10 kilograms, gain 15 kilograms, lose 10 kilograms… The result 7 years later was me weighing just short of 100kg. I did a 180 degree turn, joined the gym and started training with a personal trainer. I lost 25kgs in 8 months and looked great (great in this sense that I was skinny and had a low BMI). But… I was getting bored of going to gym every day.

I saw a Groupon voucher for pole fitness classes and decided to join up. This is where I realized that I look good in hot pants because I was skinny, but I could not pull my 64kg body off the ground with my arms. My pole dancing instructor (a CrossFit athlete at the time) mentioned to me that I should try CrossFit. I had no idea what CrossFit even was… I joined CrossFit 360Vida for two introductory classes in March 2014 AND I WAS INSTANTLY HOOKED. There’s nothing like the feeling of walking into a Box where you see people of all shapes and sizes, with smiles on their faces, enjoying working out. I officially started CrossFit in April 2014 and I haven’t look back.

Since joining CrossFit, I have learnt so much about myself, fitness, healthy eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Don’t think that you are incapable of anything until you have tried it. In the last year and a bit, through CrossFit, I have gained 10 kilograms of muscle and lost 13 percent body fat. Most females are under the impression that gaining muscle is bad for you. Here’s a newsflash - I fit into the same clothes that I did when I was skinny, but I don’t look anorexic.

I have met the most amazing people who I now have the privilege of calling my family. I recently started assisting with coaching at CrossFit 360Vida and I now get to share the knowledge and experiences I have gained over the past year and five months as a CrossFit athlete. You can’t explain the feeling of accomplishment you get from when doing something you never imagined possible to anyone. I get to experience that as an athlete for myself every day, and I get to share that experience with upcoming athletes as a coach… nothing could be more inspirational!

Written by: Judy Steyn, CrossFit 360Vida Coach, Athlete, Emergency Care Practitioner & Paramedic Lecturer.