The Less Obvious Changes Made by CrossFit

Less Obvious Changes Made by CrossFit

There are countless articles about how CrossFit changes people, ranging from the obvious physical improvements to fitness levels, confidence and the great community that comes with each CrossFit Box.

Yet there are behavioural changes that occur too. These changes are far less obvious and they often filter through to everyday life, which makes them more awesome in some ways.


In this dog-eat-dog world people have become so much less considerate and kind than they used to be. At a “chain gym”, people hog machines, use more equipment than they need, don’t take particular care of the pieces of equipment, and don’t always put them back neatly. Why should you? You pay your fees and the gym employs staff to help you. The equipment at a CrossFit Box is often more expensive and we are responsible for the equipment we use. We have to share, be respectful of our equipment and pack it away when we’re done. Plus we have a better understanding of the space we use, as Olympic lifting with heavy weights can be dangerous (for ourselves and others) if we just throw it about.

Respect and Empathy

I’ve struggled with my weight all my life and although I’ve never been thin, I have also never had huge numbers to lose. I now have a huge respect for people who have lost 20+ kilos. I’ve never considered being overweight or thin to be healthy or attractive, but when an overweight or overly-thin person walks into a CrossFit Box, I am amazed at their inner strength and willingness to make the change. I now want to cheer them - and any random person who is making the effort – on with gusto (even if it’s just to walk around the block).


When things get tough, the not-so-tough give up. Life is difficult enough, why should we spend our spare time doing something that is challenging and often feels impossible? Yes, it’s difficult, but we quickly learn that with determination we will get through it and we will improve. I no longer give up when things are tough, I just try harder. The value of constantly challenging ourselves is that it keeps us young; which brings me to my next point.

Age is just a number

Never before have I had such a big age gap between me and my friends, from 23 to 42. And why not? We all have similar personalities and our daily shared determination and struggles give us a connection I don’t feel anywhere else. Yes, we tease each other, but in the end our age is just a number and our bond has become unbreakable.


The majority of guys who start CrossFit are the type that have been active all their lives who play sports and lift weights at a chain gym. Generally this kind of guy looks at slender women and overlooks the curvier ones. Now they train everyday with some women who have to struggle through every workout. They are not fast, not all that strong and pull-ups are a real challenge with the extra weight they carry - but they never give up and work their hardest not to let their teammates down. I can now see that these guys don’t overlook these women anymore; there is an admiration and respect and a special kind of love. There’s no greater confidence booster than getting a high five and bear hug from these hot-bodded guys ;)

Written by CrossFit 360Vida member, Louise Teixeira