Prove Your Body & Mind Wrong

At CrossFit 360Vida we live by a culture of pushing your body to its limit – in a controlled environment and with good technique. Our members are often reminded that their mind will want to quit before their body really needs to… so a large part of our training cycles entails preparing the mind to be stronger; as strong as the body – or more.

Sometimes, however, athletes face physical ailments that could leave them couch-ridden, too afraid to challenge their unique bodies.

Our inspirational member, Tiaan Adlem, has described why you need to prove your body (and your mind) wrong, even if you face challenging limitations. Here’s his story…

My Diagnosis

At the age of 13, I was diagnosed with Scoliosis. Over time, this has developed into Rotoscoliosis with a 31-degree curvature in my lower spine. Rotoscoliosis is a lateral and rotational deviation from a neutral spine's position. This results in constant discomfort and frequent injuries.

Challenging Limitations

As a result of this diagnosis, any loading of weight onto the spine is considered not ideal. This means lifting weights needs to be carefully managed. Note – carefully managed. Not avoided.

Technique becomes essential. Any bending from the pelvis, such as when doing squats or deadlifts, must be done with the correct form, as my spine is predisposed to a certain lateral direction. This places stress on downstream muscles and joints which leads to injuries (if not done correctly).

CrossFit and Rotoscoliosis

After my wife started CrossFit and described the atmosphere to me, and what it entails, I couldn’t stay away. From the continuation of our own fitness journey, to meeting new people with the same passions for health and wellness, and being part of an inclusive community – there were many reasons to sign up.

CrossFit has definitely strengthened my back, as the exercises are functional. As a result, CrossFit rehabilitates the balance between weak and strong muscles. Obviously, everything needs to be done with proper technique and each individual facing a unique diagnosis must listen to their body's limits.

My CrossFit goal is to push my body to my max, while becoming a part of the fitness family that exists at CrossFit 360Vida.

Prove Your Body Wrong!

What was your excuse again?When asked what he would say to someone that feels they can’t do CrossFit due to an injury or ailment, Tiaan had this to say…

I have had this rebel in me since I was young. If someone tells me I can't do something, I must prove them wrong. So, you can imagine how an injured back has caused me numerous frustrations.

But for someone who does not have this drive, I would say think of it this way:

If I never exercised, my back would be far worse than it is now. I have managed to strengthen my muscles to such an extent they can support my back even with its curvature. By pushing my body, imbalances and misalignments were identified a lot sooner than someone who never reaches their limits – and corrected in time.

When not testing your limits, these issues will catch up to you at a later stage and it will be a lot more difficult to correct them. Yes, there will be times when you become negative, but try to remember that there are people who have it a lot worse, and are perfectly content.

Written By: Tiaan Adlem, Member at CrossFit 360Vida