Your Shoulders and CrossFit

Too much of any good thing can be bad for you. Enthusiasm and throwing yourself into your workout are great when it comes to celebrating your sense of community and motivating yourself and others. However, be careful not to allow that enthusiasm to cause you to push yourself past your capabilities for that day. A mindful athlete is more successful, both in endurance and strength.

Here are some tips on how to stay mindful of what your body is doing. This is essential to protect your shoulders while doing CrossFit:

Don't work beyond your strength/experience - it's good to push yourself, but within limits of common sense. Listen to your body, become aware of where your limits are and allow that strength to build gradually and naturally. 

Don't rush your training - We all want to jump straight into our workouts but it is important to take your time to warm up properly, and to make sure you give attention to post training stretching and mobilisation. This will decrease the risk of injury and ensure that you are able to give all of yourself to the workout.

Listen to your coaches / physios / chiros - We all like to believe we are superhuman but it is important to take the advice of seasoned professionals. If someone in a trusted position of power says not to do something, don't do it.

Spend time on your weaknesses - work on an ancillary strength programme (a safe one) to build strength in the shoulders. Again, it is important to take your time and allow your body to strengthen at its own pace.

Mobility is important - work on mobility, the greater your range of motion is (without becoming mobile in the extreme) the less taught the muscles are, which means they're less likely to sprain/tear.

They’re your shoulders, you need them. Look after them.

By CrossFit 360Vida