Even Beasts Need a Little R&R

You train hard everyday doing what you can to encourage your team and improve your personal best, but what do you do after a WOD? Little known fact...recovery from training is just as important as the training itself!

Train like a beast, recover like a beast...a gentle one, work that rest muscle.

Some Tips on Recovery from Training:

Make Your Foam Roller Your New Best Friend: Your muscles have worked hard.They deserve a little massage to ease the tension that was built up doing your WOD. Place the foam roller under the muscle that is sore and move back and forth.

Mobility Training and Exercises: These help to activate the muscles to stimulate blood flow and the draining of the lymphatic vessels. This helps your muscles to recover in a gentle and easy way. Exercises like yoga and pilates are good for this and they also allow you time to calm your mind and to recenter. Increased mobility often means better technique – so this holds double benefits.

Eat Right: It’s no secret that protein is muscle food, it repairs the cells that have been damaged during your workout. Increase your intake of lean protein and make sure you are getting the extra calories needed to subsidise your workout. If you’rea vegan/vegetarian there are great soy protein based shakes available.

Contrasting Showers: Alternating between hot and cold temperatures causes your blood vessels to constrict and dilate.This helps pump your blood through the muscles speeding up recovery.

Now get out there and work hard! Then give your body the rest & recovery it needs.

By CrossFit 360Vida