Target Training

Does Targeted Training have a place in CrossFit?

The very definition of CrossFit requires constantly varied functional movement, performed at high intensity. As South Africa’s CrossFit community continues to evolve in the wake of US developments, the question arises – does targeted training have a place in our boxes?

The answer is a resounding yes, with a few provisos.

Slay your goats through targeting your training

It is a fact of life that the only way to overcome a weakness is to work on it. The more you work on it, in a conscious state, the faster a weakness will become a strength. Olympic lifting, gymnastics or metabolic conditioning can all be worked on in a targeted manner. 

When should an athlete utilise targeted training?

When you’re not training for a competition or a specific event, targeted training is essential to build the skills that are lacking from your repertoire. Anyone that’s ever battled with a particular movement will know that the only way to get those DUs, ring dips or squat snatches is repetition. Repetition requires focus and diligence – the fundamentals of targeting.

One-on-one training

When an athlete is struggling with a movement/s, one-on-one training can be greatly beneficial. In most instances, you’re struggling with a movement because your form or technique needs to be tweaked. With a dedicated eye checking your movement, and the correct guidance, what was once a goat will become something you look forward to doing… over time.

Programmed targeting

Targeted training can form part of a constantly varied progamme. This may seem contradictory, but fluctuating between targeted classes (oly or gymnastics) and metcon type workouts is a great way for CrossFit coaches to develop well-rounded athletes. 

Don’t overdo it 

Fatigue fights form. So don’t overdo the targeted training. Choose one day a week to work on a particular goat with good form.

Written By Diane Teles, Co-Founder of CrossFit 360Vida, Level 1 Coach and Physiotherapist