The Power of Versatility

The Power of Versatility - Combining Training Methods .

CrossFit competitions and obstacle race challenges have become popular culture in the last few years. Think IMPI, Warrior, Last Man Standing, Virtuosity, the United We Stand Games; there’s a competition or a race available to every level of athlete at least six times a year.


Over the last few years we have begun to notice that there is a natural crossover between these two approaches to fitness. To test this theory and determine whether crossfitters can mutate into good obstacle course runners and vice versa, we developed *The Combine to be held on the 8th of August this year. The Combine is a mutation between simple, hardworking, grind workouts (featuring movements that non-crossfitters will be able to do) and obstacles that are challenging (without being so technical that crossfitters won’t get over them).


The CrossFit and obstacle race communities are two separate communities that are so likeminded, they really should be one. Internationally, the trend is to combine endurance focussed challenges with CrossFit movements. CrossFit tests technical skills and obstacle courses test endurance; when functional meets obstacle, and endurance meets technical, real improvement can be achieved. It works because both approaches to fitness are strength orientated, while incorporating movement and gas.  


The potential for growth through this variation in training is limitless. If you’re plateauing, if you’re getting bored with the routine of training, or if you just want to add an additional edge to your competitive ability, this combo of regimes is bound to work!

Broaden your horizons, think past the Box/course alone, play more and spice up your training with some variety. After all, the definition of CrossFit is constant variation at high intensity – what offers more variety than tackling obstacles while perfecting functional movement? 

Written By William Schutte, Co-Founder And Coach at CrossFit 360Vida

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