The Spirit of CrossFit

The Spirit of CrossFit

One of our rules at the 360Vida Box is that, until all athletes have finished their WODs, no one packs their weights away. Why? To instil in our members an ethos of camaraderie and a spirit of support.


The competitive, supportive and encouraging spirit we have found in abundance at the Box is not necessarily something that is unique to CrossFit – it is (generally) what the human spirit is all about, it is the human way of doing things and living; CrossFit just gives this spirit a platform to reveal itself.

As human beings we thrive on positive feedback, being part of a community with similar goals and in a happy, uplifting, fun environment. When we feel supported, understood and taken care of we perform optimally. Within the CrossFit setup, all of these elements are present because of the way that classes are run and the nature of the workouts. CrossFit is really tough – it takes you down to your weakest weaknesses and your strongest strengths - no matter your level, no one gets off lightly, meaning that everyone’s in the same boat at the end.


The CrossFit Box has created a space where people can be themselves; if you were looking for a definition of the spirit of CrossFit, that would be it!

High intensity workouts take people out of their comfort zones, challenge athletes in those movements that come naturally and those that don’t, and grow both their confidence and their humility. Due to the fact that no athlete is defined as being elite or better or more than another, the community comes together to help everyone grow. Because we don’t label our athletes at CrossFit 360Vida, no one is elite and everyone is growing all the time.


The competitive side of CrossFit gives people a chance to be aggressive, determined and driven in a way that isn’t going to cause damage. This is ambition. Yet even in the midst of a gruelling WOD, outward expressions of the supportive and community spirit are evident.

Although most WODs are individual efforts, we often see our athletes coming together to support others once their work is complete; especially when someone is struggling. Whether through words of encouragement, more time spent with that athlete by the coaches, or other athletes joining in to do the reps with the athlete – there is a spirit of recognition by other athletes that this person needs support and empathy; and it is given selflessly.


The spirit of CrossFit is finishing a tough workout, identifying that an athlete is struggling with something you’ve just slogged through, and supporting them in any way that you can to help them finish. It is remembering that you’re not quite done with your workout until the last person is done!  

Written By Diane Teles, Co-Founder of CrossFit 360Vida, Coach and Physiotherapist