So you should only see your Physio when you're injured right? Wrong! Although physiotherapy is extensively utilised to treat injuries, it can also be used to prevent them, to promote recovery, and to ease the tension of everyday life in the 21st century.

So, when should you visit a physio?


Treating injuries and "niggles" that limit you from performing your daily tasks comfortably, or keep you from exploring your body's potential to do amazing things, is essential.

You need to see a physiotherapist if you are experiencing any limitations to daily movement and function, whether this is due to a recent incident or a bugbear you've been carrying around with you for months (or years... gasp). A "niggle" is the body's way of warning us that something more ominous is on its way - we need to listen!


It's also a good idea to visit a physio for injury prevention, stress relief and as part of your recovery/rest plan. You're an athlete that trains regularly, eats (or drinks...) your greens, sleeps 8 hours religiously and somehow still can't recover fully between sessions. Or, you're a busy supermom who manages to squeeze in one or two CrossFit or training sessions a week between raising kids, keeping your house in order and juggling a job... and you're exhausted.

What's missing?

"Sports massage" or more correctly, deep tissue massage, can help you maintain the integrity of your hardworking body.

Physically, massage helps by:

Improving circulation which helps remove waste products and encourage the muscles to absorb oxygen and nutrients.

Stretching tissue and improving its elasticity. Massage can stretch muscle and the sheath surrounding it ("fascia") in directions that you cannot  stretch in a yoga session or by rolling out with a foam roller. The release of tension and prevention of pressure build-up keeps annoying conditions like shin splints, compartment syndrome, cramping and delayed onset muscle soreness at bay.

Breaking down stubborn scar tissue from old injuries. If you've had a previous strain, sprain or surgery, and did not undergo appropriate tissue work after the injury, it's quite likely that your scar tissue is tight and preventing full range of movement. This could cause pain, repeated strains or tears. Massage realigns scar tissue so that it works functionally with the rest of the muscle, joint, tendon or ligament.

Reducing pain. Think endorphins! Massage causes the release of hormones that make us feel happy and pain-free. Now who doesn't want that?


Beyond its physical benefits, massage also has important psychological benefits:

Stress release - Muscles contain receptors which respond to massage by releasing resting tension and adopting a new relaxed state. This is powerful feedback for your brain! A relaxed body is a relaxed and creative mind. Imagine how much more access to your imagination you'd have, if you could just get past the gorilla on your back…

Renewal and restoration - Have you ever arrived for your massage appointment feeling cluttered and heavy and then left feeling rejuvenated and as light as air? Those are the signs of a good massage! Deep pressure strokes assist in removing toxins and dead cells and allow your entire body to be flushed with oxygen and nutrients. What a wonderfully simple way to restore yourself!


At Diane V. Teles Physiotherapy, your first assessment session includes an in-depth assessment as well as treatment specific to your needs. Your treatment sessions would include a combination of:

•          Integrated and Holistic Care

•          Sports and Remedial Massage

•          Dry Needling

•          Joint Mobilisation and/or Manipulation

•          Rehabilitation

•          Strapping and Bracing

•          Injury and Lifestyle Counselling

•          Exercise and Movement Therapy


Diane V. Teles Physiotherapy now has two branches!

Sessions can either be booked at the CrossFit 360Vida treatment rooms, in convenient morning and evening slots, or at Weleda Pharmacy, Pineslopes during the day.

To book your appointment, please call:

072 954 7997

(CrossFit 360Vida)

011 467 2430

(Weleda Pharmacy Pineslopes)

Diane V. Teles Physiotherapy is a cash practice, charging medical aid rates. Consultations are settled immediately after each session.

To good health and strong, capable bodies!

Written By Diane V. Teles

BSc Physiotherapy (Hons)(Wits)

BSc Biology (Universdad Latina de Costa Rica)