CrossFit 360Vida Coaches


I am William.  

Life is a journey and our passion it’s fuel.

My life has changed with CrossFit and the community that serves it. It has taken me to unthinkable heights in life with passion, hurt, excitement, joy, sorrow, confidence, and sacrifice. It has taught me the meaning of humility and camaraderie.

As the owner and Head Coach of CrossFit 360Vida,Coach Will has seven years’ experience as an athlete, CrossFit Coach, CrossFit Gymnastics Coach and CrossFit Kids Coach. He has a Level 1 CrossFit certification. Coach Will drives athletes to perform to their peak, helping them to chase unknown limits, and inspiring them to forge their own “passionate journey”.


I am Darren.  

“The Lion and the Tiger may be more powerful, but the Wolf does not perform in the circus”.

I started CrossFit right here with the 360Vida crew in 2013. When CrossFit first appeared on the map, it appealed to every bit of what I love about health and fitness. It was an opportunity for me to truly test the limits in my training; to push myself further than I ever had before.

Having pursued a career as a personal trainer for many years, Darren realised that he wanted to be a part of something more. He found a home at 360Vida and - while watching the community grow and witnessing people moving from strength to strength – recognised the opportunity to become part of something amazing.

Darren coaches numerous CrossFit classes, holds one on one sessions with individual clients and enjoys the chance that this gives him to make a difference in people’s lives. His favourite part about coaching is being involved with the 360Vida family, while positively impacting others daily.


I am Jason.  

I am a husband, a father, a brother, a son, an uncle, occasional CrossFitter and better known as Caveman! Life is too short; embrace who you are and own it. I started CrossFit back in 2013, on the search for a challenge, enjoyment and results that couldn’t be found from conventional training techniques.

The people within in the CrossFit community inspired me to become a coach. It’s an avenue in which I can impact people, helping them to push themselves past their own perceived limitations. Coach Jason enjoys the personal interaction aspect of the job. “Coaching has helped me to engage with different people, which has translated in better interactions with colleagues and customers in my work environment.”

His best part about coaching is feeling like he’s made a difference in someone’s life – even if just for a day. “Once a class is done and dusted and everyone is leaving the ‘Thanks that was a great class’, or ‘Thanks Coach’ means I have impacted that person’s day for the better”.

When he’s not moulding Africa’s athletes, Jason is the Finance Manager for an orthopaedic company and is responsible for South and Sub Sahara African business.


I am Clint.  

I am proud to be a member of this amazing community.

After an extended period of struggling to gain control of my fitness, health and wellbeing, I started CrossFit in June 2014. It provides the perfect balance of mental and physical exercise, strength and fortitude; a never-ending challenge that has only resulted in positive growth in all aspects of life.

With a natural love for coaching mentoring and training, moving into the coaching space was a natural and inevitable progression for Coach Clint.

“I love seeing athletes on the same journey of progression and improvement that I have travelled. I get my highs from the sense of achievement that each athlete feels walking out of class - particularly after achieving something they never thought they would be able to do.”

Clint is a qualified veterinarian who spent seven years in private practice before joining Bayer Animal Health as Head of Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs. When he’s not working, CrossFitting, coaching or spending time with his sons, Clint is studying, having recently completed a Master of Science degree – MSc (Vet).

Photo Credit: Virtuosity Games.


I am Gus.  

To build yourself up, be prepared to break yourself down.

I started CrossFit in November 2013 (you never forget when you started), looking for a change to my routine, completely unaware of the effects it would have on my life. Apart from extinction level stiffness, the first three months were pretty amazing. Although I had always been active to some extent, I found the structured, high intensity workouts suitable to my lifestyle and goals. What surprised me the most was finding myself amongst a community of warriors who not only helped build on my physical, but mental and emotional wellbeing too. I have never looked back!

I have learnt a lot about myself and my own strengths and weaknesses through CrossFit, but there came a point where I wanted to give back to this amazing community and coaching was the logical place to start.

Coach Gus understands that the CrossFit experience can be intimidating to begin with, and he loves it when a member says “I never thought I could do that”, or “all I wanted was to give up but I didn’t” – that’s what inspires him to continue his coaching journey. It’s amazing to see how far just a hint of motivation, or the correct cue at the right time, can add value to someone’s experience.

When he’s not CrossFitting or Coaching, Gus is a; “husband, dad and builder; in that order.”