360V Community: Stories of Glory

Thought you would appreciate this email sent to Diane by Andrew Boltman who participated in the first orientation class.

Hi Diane,
Thanks for your e-mail.
On Saturday night I eventually got to sleep aided by several painkillers, strapping a family sized bag of frozen peas to each thigh, and contorting myself into a position only a 90year old Bangladeshi Yogi could achieve - I awoke several times to shooting in pains in my legs, pains that felt much like a starving 15ft crocodile had gotten hold of me and was performing a death roll...
I haven't yet made it downstairs - I gave up after my third attempt at the stairs yesterday. I have given up all hope of ever walking again.

On a positive note, my vision has begun to finally improve, and that kaleidoscope of colours swimming in front of me every time I attempted to lift myself off the bedroom floor (where I have been since approximately 11:30am on Saturday), has receded to a more tolerable (and not unpleasant) rainbow.

But yes...will see you for training this week!

Andrew Boltman