Membership: Starting out...

3 2 1 GO

3…Contact us

  • Give us a call (Darren - 084 4495 009) or drop us an email so we can discuss your training requirements.
  • Fill out the Par-Q form and the Orientation Waiver and return via email

2…Choose a start-up option

  • Introduction to CrossFit - 1 Introductory sessions covering basic CrossFit theory and movements. Compulsory for all potential CF360V members.
  • Rehabilitation: Recommended for athletes recovering from injury. Following a physiotherapy consultation for assessment and treatment, and clearance from your physiotherapist for beginning rehabilitation, rehab sessions may be completed at CrossFit 360Vida under the guidance of our in-house registered physiotherapist. You may also choose to book a consultation for assessment and continue your rehab with our physiotherapist if you prefer.


Once you have completed an introductory class you’re ready to join the fun in “regular” (but extraordinary) classes.
We encourage a commitment of at least 3 months to your training and box for the following reasons:

    • You are part of a Community
    • Results and Progression need time
    • Learning and perfecting new techniques needs time

…Brace yourself….