Our Biokineticists:

Our Biokineticists

What is a Biokineticist?

Biokinetics is comprised of orthopaedic rehabilitation (strengthening of muscles to protect joints during both sport and activities of daily living), chronic disease management (prescription and monitoring of individualised cardiovascular exercise) and total wellness (lifestyle and stress management). Biokineticists are recognised by and registered with the HPCSA (Health Professions council of South Africa), Biokinetics is the field of specialised exercise therapy which functions in alliance to both the health and medical industries.

What does it involve?

A Biokineticist is an exercise specialist that improves a person’s strength, physical status and quality of life by performing an individualised assessment followed by prescribing, correcting and monitoring specific strength, stretching and cardio exercises which are progressed at the rate of the individual’s improvement.

Does my Medical Aid cover Biokinetics?

Biokinetics is registered with the Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF) and uses ICD10 codes and tariffs when treating conditions.  Most Medical Aids cover Biokinetics in full with claims coming out of the Medical Aid Savings (out of hospital funds).

Scope of Practice

  • Musculoskeletal status: management of muscle strains, ligament sprains,
    repetitive strain injuries and joint instability through a combination of strengthening,
    stability & flexibility exercises.
  • Core & pelvic stabilisation through muscle awareness and activation of pelvic
    floor and core muscles.
  • Pre and post pregnancy exercise prescription through kegel and pelvic floor
  • Callisthenics exercises.
  • Pre- & post surgery “prehab” and “rehab”.
  • Arthritis management through strengthening of muscles surrounding affected
  • Improvement of activities of daily living
  • Low muscle tone management in children and teenagers.
  • Movement education and body awareness.
  • Chronic disease: diabetes, hypertension, stroke, cancer, Parkinson’s,
    osteoporosis & obesity.
  • Video analysis and biomechanical & postural correction
  • Sports specific fitness testing, bike setup & running gait analysis
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation through exercise
  • Functional Movement
  • Corporate wellness
  • Discovery Vitality Fitness assessments



Kelly Frames

Kelly Frames completed her undergraduate BSc degree in Human Kinetics and Ergonomics at Rhodes University. She went on to obtain her BSc Honours degree in Biokinetics at the University of Zululand in KZN, thereafter completing her Masters degree in Sports Science. She lectured at the University and was involved with development of the biokinetics clinical practice. After moving to Johannesburg, she started her own biokinetics practice in Fourways, developing a special interest in chronic, cardiac and orthopaedic rehabilitation for young, older populations and athletes.



Chane Le Roux

Chane Le Roux completed her undergraduate degree at North West University, after which she went on to obtain her BSc Honours degree in Biokinetics at the University of Zululand in KZN. Chane’s passion in this field is orthopaedic rehabilitation and sport specific training and conditioning. Optimising an individual’s performance and helping them become better athletes.  Chane has experience working with the Pumas rugby team, professional cyclists, swimmers and runners, but above all working with all kinds of people is the best part of her job.