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Contact us

Give us a call (Darren - 084 4495 009) or drop us an email so we can discuss your training requirements.


Join our Free Intro Class

We would like to invite you for 2 classes - 1 x CrossFit Introduction class followed by 1 x regular class. It is a chance to learn more about CrossFit 360Vida and try a CrossFit workout. Introduction classes are hosted every Tuesday evening at 18h30.

You don’t need to be in shape to attend, as we scaled them to be friendly and accessible for any fitness level.

We have lockers/ cubby-holes and showers, so book your spot now, as we have limited spots available!



Once you have completed an introductory class you’re ready to join the fun in “regular” (but extraordinary) classes.

We encourage a commitment of at least 3 months to your training and box for the following reasons:

  • You are part of a Community
  • Results and Progression need time
  • Learning and perfecting new techniques needs time

Brace yourself...